WHAT DO YOU MEME? Paws & Relax: The Adorable Turtle-Shaped Pet Massager

Price: $29.99
(as of Sep 17, 2023 03:29:20 UTC – Details)

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Looking for some creature comforts? Give your furry friend some much-needed relaxation with this scalp massager for pets. This turtle-shaped pet massager helps give your cat, dog, bird, and/or lizard a spa day with its four twirling paws. Plus, of all the soothing pet tools, Paws and Relax is the cutest. With an adorable turtle body, this is the perfect addition to your arsenal of pet wellness products. It’s easy—just let your animal get familiar with the toy, and then hold it gently on their head for some good ol’ pet stress relief. We know they need it after such a long day of laying on your bed and dozing in the sun.

A Field Day for All Pets: This isn’t just a cat massager, it’s a dog massager, a lizard massager, bird massager, and more! Use it on any pet—just make sure they’re comfortable around it first.
Iconic Pet Content Incoming: Paws & Relax is an adorable turtle-shaped pet massager. Combined with the blissed-out face your puppy or kitten will make once you use it, your pet photo folder is about to get a whole lot cuter.
What’s Inside: 1 Paws & Relax Scalp Massager for Pets
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