Best Pet Supplies Voyager Dog Collar Safety Clip with Dual Clasps, Collars and No Pull Harness Connectors, Training for Walking, Running, and Hiking, Safety Clip – Black

Price: $8.99
(as of Sep 08, 2023 22:10:18 UTC – Details)

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Maintain Proper Dog Control and Improve Pet Safety with a Double-Ended Collar/Harness Clip. Even the best dogs can get a little wild on the leash the moment a squirrel jumps in your path. And if you’ve got a little escape artist who knows how to wiggle just right and get loose, you need a smarter, safer way to maintain proper control without the collar clamping down and hurting your pet when they get excited. That’s why we created the Voyager Dog Collar Clip that attaches to the collar and the harness they’re wearing, which allows you to maintain pet control even when they’re getting overstimulated. And because it helps even out the pressure from pulling in any direction, they won’t slip out or choke themselves when they’re moving around. They also fit any collar and support dogs at any size, shape, and age, so you can feel more confident when you’re enjoying those long walks, runs, and hiking trails. Product Details: Dog Collar Clip Connector; Attaches to Harness and Collars; Provides Improved Training Control; Keeps Dogs from Escaping Leashes; Supports Small, Medium, Large Breeds; Heavy-Duty Clasps on Both Ends;

Reduce Neck Strain or Choking – Especially important for heavy-pulling dogs or training puppies our metal clasp for dog collars provides more even weight distribution during pulls to help prevent injuries when dogs tug, pull, and move
Universal Harness-to-Collar Fit – This safety clip for dog collars is like a built-in safety collar tool that secures to any standard harness or collar and adjusts to fit small, medium, and large breed pet accessories for versatile and convenient use
No Escapes or Back Outs – Some pets are little escape artists but with our dog harness clasp you can keep them from backing or pulling out of their collar when they get excited, which is important for preventing lost dogs or potential dog fights
Quick Snap-and-Go Clasps – We fitted our no-pull collar clip with reinforced metal clasps that simple snap onto the collar and body harness in seconds. The swivel design also lets it move freely without pinching, binding, or limiting movement