Weeping Willow Oil Co 20ml -Dog Wart Remover, Natural Dog Warts Removal Treatment, Painless, Safe and Effective Skin Tag & Wart Remover for Dogs

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Dog Wart Remover with 100% Organic Natural Formula, can helps remove skin tags from dogs without painless.

1.Take better care of your dog’s health.
2.Effective removal of dog warts and plantar warts, skin tags.
3.Plant derived ingredients, natural, safe and gentle.
4.Irritation-free and painless removal of warts.
5.Skin tags fall off naturally in a short time.

Easy to Use:
1. Wash the affected area and dry it.
2. Apply the wart remover to the wart with a cotton swab. For larger warts, apply several times
3. Wait for the dog wart remover to dry and absorb for 20 mins,and do not let the dog lick.

Warm Tips:

  • Please avoid around your pet’s eyes mouth and nose.
  • Please do not use on bleeding warts.
  • Stop using when the wart turns white or the wart disappears.

Package Includes:
1 * Dog Wart Remover (20ml)
【Natural & Gentle Formula】: Dog Wart Remover is based on only natural ingredients, extracted from plants, and is designed to provide gentle treatment, allowing to be effectively removed without stinging, burning or freezing.
【Effective and Painless】: Our dog skin tag remover is harmless and painless, and skin tags come off naturally after use, while effectively relieving pain and discomfort caused by canine warts and skin tags.
【Easy to Use】: Apply the dog wart remover to the wart with a cotton swab, allow it to fully absorb into the skin, and twice a day. consistent use you can see excellent results and perfect skin in a short time .
【Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy】: Our natural, painless dog skin tag remover helps dogs remove warts painlessly, makes your dog suffer no more,and they can be happier and play with your families.

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