VCF Vaginal Odor Eliminator, 12 Dissolving Films for Vagina Odor, PH Balance, Feminine Discomfort and Hygiene Product for Women, Not a Contraceptive

Price: $9.99
(as of Sep 04, 2023 11:16:37 UTC – Details)

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VCF OEF is the only vaginal odor product that uses the unique delivery system of a dissolving film. It is is a feminine hygiene product designed to eliminate vaginal odor and relieve feminine discomfort by maintaining a healthy vaginal pH.

PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE – Not messy, can’t be felt by you or your partner, washes away naturally with bodily fluids
FEEL FRESH AND CONFIDENT –VCF Odor Eliminating Film promotes a healthy vaginal balance, intercourse and oral sex are safe while using this product
EFFECTIVE ANYTIME – Laboratory tested and paraben free, safe and gentle enough to use anytime including after douche
NOT BIRTH CONTROL – VCF Odor Eliminating Film is not a Contraceptive, for that purpose try VCF Contraceptive Film or Gel